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New Cheap Silicone Packers and Pack N Plays

So for like forever i have seen people fighting to find a nice packer or pack in play that they can use adhesive with, that doesnt cause as much as like  a house or anything. And now thanks to TSW enterprises, IT EXISTS.
They have 100% silicone packers and pack n plays that can be used either with adhesive or a harness just like a regular packer, its you choice!
The best place to find these packers is at The Levamentum Project. They have them for a smidge cheaper than most places.

10146_pd1704968_1Scorpion Silicone Pack N Play $35

10146_pd1705150_1Viper Silicone Packer $35
10146_pd1707839_1SIdewinder Silicone Pack N Play $35 (Basically the Pack N Play version of the viper)
10158_pd1708492_1Python Silicone Packer $35
10158_pd1708530_1Gecko Silicone Packer $25
70958130Side of gecko
10158_pd1708496_26 different Skin Tones. Peach (Bottom Left) Vanilla (Bottom Middle) Caramel (Bottom Right)          Hazelnut(Top Left) Milk Chocolate(Top Middle) Dark Chocolate (Top Right)
70958131Gecko showing application of different skin tones. Left-Hazelnut Middle- Vanilla Right-Caramel

You can check them out at thelevamentumproject.com or thelevamentumproject.tumblr.com


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