Jake (boundlessdesire) wrote in ftmgaragesale,


I got screwed over on the sale of these three weeks ago.   if you don't have the money for them NOW dont bother, Too bad one bad apple spoiled the bunch sorry guys.

I have TWO 2XL binders both are brand new one is still in original bag. 
The other was put on once and quickly removed I did put it in the laundry however just to make sure it was clean. no bag.

997--Double Panel Compression Shirt
2x 49-52

Retail 73.99 plus 8.00 shipping

= $81.99

both for $65.00 includes shipping.
 Id like to let them go for less but because I have my top surgery coming up (11 days) I can't allow them to go for much less then retail. But it's still some savings.
 Paypal ONLY- this is unforntunate but I no longer have time to wait for a money order to come in the mail because a guy that want these wasted THREE weeks of my time.

Id like to sell them both together.

single priced would be

Retail 36.99 plus 6.75 shipping

= $43.74

So individually would be 35.00 each includes shipping.

the better deal would be to buy them together.



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