bentboi25 (bentboi25) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

have a 3/4 pairs of jeans size 36 good shape. and cargo pockets. and XL binder, good for A/B cup only. retails for 78.80. really just want it out of my house. it was the wrong size and i am stuck with it.

And also have FTM: Female to Male Transsexuals in Society by holly devor. used copies are going for 35 bucks on

really just willing to trade for 2XL shirts, 1x basketball shorts, and denim or khaki. brand new dick in package or 3.5 packer. XL double front compression 997, concealer shirt XL style 998, large 993 (there sizes are so weird and random), 2xl tri tops maybe, compression vests ok too. XL packing sac or packin' strap. really want a 2xl rashguard or armour to go swimming in and 2xl swimming trunks. very easy going on the binder and jeans. but since the book is worth 35 bucks i would have to have an even trade for that.
make an offer, trade would be better.

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