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Underworks 997 Raffle/Giveaway: Any Size, US Only, Brand New

Hey Guys,

I’m doing a raffle for my top surgery fund. Here’s the details:

Send me three bucks and you’ll be entered into a raffle for an Underworks 997 binder, brand new. I’ll keep the raffle open for a month and at the end, anyone whose donated will receive one entry into the raffle for every 3 bucks they donate. The Underworks 997 is the most common and recommended binder by transguys, so I thought it would be a good option for most of you. Brand new it retails for $30, plus $7 shipping. Even if I don’t make enough to cover the cost of the binder, I’ll accept my losses and ship out the binder.

At the end of the raffle I’ll email the winner, ask what size and color he’d like, and get a shipping address. (US only guys- sorry! If this works out well, I’ll do a second raffle and ship internationally).

I’m closing the raffle October 31st and will draw immediately after.

How to donate?

By Paypal:

or directly to me on paypal @

After donating, send me a personal email so I can add you to my list.

No Paypal? No problem.

Email me @ and I’ll give you an address in California to mail the cash to. Include your full name with the money and I’ll verify I received it via email.


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