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Needing Help - Looking to Help

Okay, it's pretty simple.

I'm an FtM that needs help. I don't have a binder, and while I don't desperately need a StP (stand to pee), that would be nice to have. But again, not a necessity. And it helps I recently got a job! 

Sure, I could buy a new one, but there could be someone who just got top surgery who needs a bit of cash for other things they may need. Or they may need a bigger or smaller size, so it works out. 

Alright, for my size. 

For Underworks I can wear Large, but it's fairly uncomfortable around my lower abdomen. So an X-Large would be preferred.
Though I am losing weight... 

Anyways, yeah. If you're giving away or selling a binder in those sizes, please let me know. 

And when I actually get a binder, I'm thinking of starting a sort of project to help all Trans people, but mainly FtMs. But I'll post more on that later. 


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