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New Program Started to Help Trans* youth

Hi thee everyone. I have posted a few times but I thought this would be the perfect place to announce the launch of my new program! My name is Alex and i am a 16 year old transmam from sunny san diego. A while back (like 3 weeks or so ago) i started selling handmade gifts to raise money for my transition. A friend approached me about combining out products to form a store where we gave back to the trans* community. Over the last week i have been developing a store on my tumblr where some proceeds go to helping trans* youth across america. Within the last week, what started as a small thing where like... 15% would go to helping with some stuff, has developed into an all inclusive program with an official site and store and such. 
This program can not expand without your help. 

Trans* Youth Help is a program designed to help transgender teens and adults all across america with their transitions. Here is how the program works

Handmade products are sold to anyone who will by them
  • 40% of every purchase goes to hormone/surgery funds
  • 40% of every purchase goes to providing physical transition needs (ex. binders, packers, MTF supplies) at zero to low cost to them.
  • the other 20% is not wasted, it goes towards my personal transition
But this program includes SO MUCH MORE THAN THIS. it also includes"
  • A binder donation/exchange program
  • A packer donation/exchange program
  • A MTF supplies donation/exchange program(Im doing more research to figure out EXACTLY what this can entail.) 

Things to come soon!
  • Penpal Program
  • Tips and Tutorials
  • Resources
  • Anything else you can think of!!!


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