Dj (Dylan James) wrote in ftmgaragesale,
Dylan James

Want to buy Medium 997 underworks binders

So, due to recent weight loss, i've come to realize my "backup" binder doesnt really bind me anymore... and my regular daily one binds about as well as my backup did. other words, i need smaller / non stretched out binders. So im looking for underworks style 997 in size medium in new or lightly used condition. Needs to be rarely worn and not stretched out with regular wear for it to bind me properly. I was thinking I needed a small, being on the very smallest end of a size medium, almost a small size.. kind of like I'm between sizes? But after trying, its just not happening. Gonna have to be a size medium, just in like new condition.
any color is fine, just let me know how much you're asking and the condition of it.
You can comment/message on here or email me at dylan_superman at yahoo.

thanks guys.

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