Mel Marsh (melsmarsh) wrote in ftmgaragesale,
Mel Marsh



I'm Mel, 25 year old ftm.

I'm currently cleaning out my closet and I'm getting rid of all my girly stuff, plus anything that doesn't fit. (I just lost 20+ lbs, which dropped me several sizes in mens). So far, I only have my too-big male clothing organized, so I'll put them up now.

Anyway, since I'm trying to get rid of clothes, I wanted my transgendered friends (this community and a few others) to get first shot at any clothing I have. The male clothing I have is found at my selling journal. Reply there if you want something.

Sorry, I don't have any pictures as by the time I am done I will have several hundred items. All of these clothes were very lightly used if they were used at all. They come from a non-smoking home.

Only reason I am asking any money at all is because I now need to buy a new wardrobe for work. I'll ship anywhere provided you pay for shipping (It'll be postage rounded up to the nearest dollar). If you live in Atlanta, you can come pick them up.

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