bugugly (bugugly) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

Looking for binders in AUS or someone who will post them to AUS

Hey guys, hows it goin? Im really interested in grabbing some binders if possible. Im due to start T in the next few weeks and am un-employed at the moment to stay home and look after my partner and son. I do not have the money or the knowledge on how to buy one online. Buying endless baby items and compromising my happiness is now something that I cannot juggle anymore. My baby doesnt need money- he needs love and attention and I feel until I am comfortable in my body, I cannot be there for him to my fullest extent.

We are renting a house at the moment while I look for work. Also paying for psychiatrist and other medical things, dont make it easy to save for binders. Where I live, there is hardly any information and even less options to buy FTM products from, we have to get them all shipped from overseas. I am at present trying to save $55.95 so I can purchase the ''FTM process'' book from the FTM Australia website. Even though I will know most of the things in there, I would like to have a better idea on the process where I am.

I hate my body and the sooner I can get a binder, the better. I am pretty stealth in public, until someone goes out of their way to look whether I am female or male and make a huge scene. I have since stopped going out in public unless I need too. This is one of many reasons why I am ready to transition now.

I am in Australia and it is way too hot to bind with bandages anymore. Dudes if anyone can please help me out and send me some binders I can pay for postage and make a small donation if that helps? I will also pass these binders on after I have no need for them anymore. Please help a brother out in stinky Australia. Thanks for reading the fellas, it is people that are selfless and genuinely willing to help out,  that help people like me understand we are not alone and there is help out there. Have a great day buddies- Korey

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