dagen bradley (rainbowslurpee) wrote in ftmgaragesale,
dagen bradley

Some clothes...

Hey everyone.  I have some clothing Im trying to get rid of because I'm moving across the country.  I have 3 pairs of jeans.

34X34 - Guess Jeans, really nice.  Straight Leg.

36X30 - Request brand jeans.  Have patches / scruffs (that's how they came).  Boot cut.

32X30 - Lucky brand relaxed boot cut jeans.  Awesome jeans as well.

I also have a royal blue old navy zip up hoodie size Medium.  I actually only wore it once. 

Finally, a nice navy blue Nautica sweater with thin horizontal white stripes.  Size Large. 

Email me: dagenb82   at   yahoo   or text me  603-493-7285  for pics

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