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BINDER for trade or sale!

- In "used" condition. (But still very wearable; the only thing that makes this really 'used' is - the bottom fabric {take a look at the picture in the link to see what I'm referring to} is ripped away from the binder itself in quite a few places. This is pretty common from what I hear. It could be fixed with sewing, but I don't really know how to, otherwise I'd do it for you. Other than that, it works great.)
- Color: black
- Size: large
- From T-Kingdom
- Model: 490 Click here to see what it looks like.
- I live in the USA and prefer to ship within my country, unless you'd like to pay for the shipping.
- Might be a tiny bit stretched. I haven't worn it in a long time though.

Notes: It fits more like a sports bra. It connects with velcro, which some people might not like. It's great for exercising in. I'm getting rid of this baby since my cup size has unfortunately increased since I first bought it.

FOR SALE: I paid around 40 USD ($) for it, and don't really want to take too much of a loss on it if I'm only getting money. So, offer whatever you'd like as long as you take that into consideration. I'd prefer to have you send cash in an envelope (using something like a thick card or regular paper to hide the view of the bills) but might consider PayPal if that's the only way you can pay.

OR, FOR TRADE (preferred): I'd prefer to trade it, rather than sell. I'll pretty much trade this for any other FTM stuff. Another binder (I fit into a size XL from Underworks now, but would accept higher sizes as well), STP (preferably packer-style), or regular packer (lighter skin tones, please). The item you send should be typically valued above $20 when it's new*, so I'm also not taking too much of a loss on this.
*I would rather have the item you trade be used as well, therefore I don't feel absolutely horrible if you send me something new.

Contact me: Email is the only way I'm communicating for this. When contacting me, please tell me your name and under what circumstances you'd like this binder in your possession (whether you'd buy it and for what price, or trade it and for what item {please send a picture, whether it be the link to the site where you bought it or whatever}). My email is rainingsummernights@yahoo.com, and I check it multiple times a day. Also, I'm super friendly, so don't be afraid to contact!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day and keep your chin up. :)

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