jordan (pansycore) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

1 binder for sale, another binder for shipping only

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lil intro: hi, i'm jordan. 25, genderqueer, on T for 6 1/2 yrs, unfortunately pre-op

Anyone need/want a binder?

I have one Double-T 3rd Generation Velcro Long binder in grey white in a size XL. I've only tried it on, I haven't worn it out anywhere, but the velcro did pull on the inside of the fabric a little so there are little puffs of thread sticking out (on the inside), but nothing noticeable and it shouldn't impact the quality of the binder at all.... so I'd say it's in "Like New" condition, i dunno. It's still in the package it came in. I'm looking to sell it. I got it from this site Oh, I should say, depending on your chest size, this binder might be a bit loose - I'm about a 38B (ETA, I'm pretty flattened-out from T & binding for a long time) and it's loose on me, it basically fits like a small-medium T-shirt.. but maybe it'll fit you better, who knows. But the material (in my opinion) is super comfy, in fact the most comfortable of any binders I've tried by far (and I've used a bunch from different companies). I bought the Double T binder for $76USD plus shipping from Les Love Boat (yeah i know, they're super expensive). I'm hoping to sell it for around $40 USD if possible, but willing to negotiate based on the cost of shipping.

I also have a T-Kingdom Model 980 binder in white, also in a size Large. I have worn this one a bunch and part of a seam in the front where the binding material connects with the bottom material tore so if it has different color thread and stitching there, that's why. Obviously it's in "well-used" condition. This is what the binder looks like Since I've worn it a lot, I figure I'll give it away if someone wouldn't mind just paying for the shipping. The T-Kingdom Binder Is Taken.

If anyone interested wants pictures of my actual binders, or has any questions or anything, just let me know. You can email me at pansyxtwist(at)gmail(dot)com or asskickatron(at)riseup(dot)net (my main email which is associated with my Paypal account).

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