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Lots of mostly clothing for sale. Various sizes.

So I was cleaning out my closet and I found some stuff I'm not going to wear. I thought I'd share it here. My brother was apparently cleaning out his closet as well, and before he gave his stuff away, I stole the bag and took what I wanted out, and thought, "Hey, I bet there are some guys here that may want stuff as well." So it's also here.

I'm warning you now, the pictures suck. I'm sorry. I can't do much better. It's a new camera (primarily video) and I don't know how to work it yet.

All clothing has been worn at least once unless otherwise noted. If stains are visible in pictures, don't worry; I'm treating and washing everything before I send it out.

Please make offers. Anything's fine as long as it covers shipping.

  • Yellow Old Navy pocket t-shirt. Size S (vintage fit). Little bit transparent. Picture.
  • Dark red with white stitching Old Navy t-shirt. Size XL. Picture.
  • Brown Old Navy polo. Size XL. Picture.
  • Dark green with black accents Old Navy long-sleeve football shirt. Size XL. Picture.
  • Grey Nike "Swoosh" t-shirt. Size XL. Picture.
  • White Old Navy polo. Size XL. Picture.
  • Grey with black, white, and green stripes Old Navy polo. Size XL. Picture.
  • Dark blue with blue, white, and brown center stripe Old Navy polo. Size XL. Picture.
  • Black with brown stitching Old Navy western shirt (long sleeve). Size M (vintage fit). Worn once or twice at most. Picture.
  • Black with "Foot to Face Institute" graphic Old Navy t-shirt. Size S (vintage fit). Picture.
  • White long-sleeve dress shirt, Reaction by Kenneth Cole. Size XL (17, 36-37). Picture.
  • White short-sleeve dress shirt, Knightsbridge. Size XL. Picture.
  • White short-sleeve dress shirt, Cherokee. Size XL. Picture.

  • NWT brown corderouy Old Navy worker's shorts. 32W. Long length (so says tags). Picture 1. Picture 2.
  • Worn blue Old Navy loose khakis. 33W x 32L. Picture 1. Picture 2. Picture 3.
  • Very light Old Navy plain front khakis. 33W x 30L. Worn a grand total of 3 times. Picture.
  • Light blue Old Navy regular jeans. 34W x 30L. Also worn a grand total of 3 times. Picture 1. Picture 2.
  • Black pleated Perry Ellis Portfolio dress pants. The tag says 36W x 30L, but I'd say it's more 34W x 30L. Picture.
  • Grey stretchy Gap slim fit jeans. 33W x 30L. Picture 1. Picture 2.

    Other Stuff
  • 3-row Hot Topic leather studded belt. Says it's 36W, but I'd say it's better for anyone 30-34W. Picture 1. Picture 2. Picture 3.
  • NIB Weider neoprene knee support. Size M (13-15"). Picture.

    Feel free to ask any questions.

    I am located in New Jersey.

    I take Paypal or concealed cash. If you're international and want to tell me how to cash a money order, that's good too.
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