pacman (sixyearholiday) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

Underworks Binders

I have 4 binders that are all not right for me that I have either bought or been given.  I am in search of a size medium short/mid-length underworks undershirt binder for free or trade. 

I have:
1 white mid-length undershirt binder with a full length cloth undershirt attached size S (fair)
1 black waist-length undershirt binder size S (good)
1 white waist-length undershirt binder size S (like new)
1 white waist-length undershirt binder size M (very used)

I started T a couple of months ago and my shoulders and arms have grown and my size small binders no longer fit me.  If you would like, I can model them and post pictures. But also the underworks website is pretty explanatory. 



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