diprotodontia (diprotodontia) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

XS Binders for Sale

So, I have four extra small black tri-tops for sale. Don't need them anymore since I had top surgery in December. I made a post a while ago and contacted a few people but two people didn't respond to my email at all and one wound up not sending me payment? So, uh, I figured I would just post again since I feel like I waited long enough and honestly I can't be arsed to go back and try and figure out who else replied to the initial post, blah blah </lazy>.

They're used but very clean and not stretched out (beyond what you would expect from normal wear -- they still bind great from what I could tell the last time I used them, hah).

I'm hoping for like $20, but I'll take $15 (shipping included in that). I'd give them away but I'm a college student, lul. ;D Although honestly if you really need them badly and can't afford that we can talk. Just message me here or email me at: vombatiformes@gmail.com if you'd rather talk privately. Once I'm paid I can mail them out the next day. My Paypal is the same as my email and is the preferred form of payment but I'll take cash or a check or whatever, too.


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