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Reelmagik 5” Uncut STP for sale

Nov. 14th, 2019 | 10:23 pm
posted by: masonl in ftmgaragesale

Hey guys,

Selling a reelmagik stp uncut. Colour is M07. In basically new condition, Ive realised STPs aren’t for me and I haven’t used this in months so i am selling it.

I paid $550usd for it including shipping. Looking to sell for $350 usd ($515 aud) plus you pay for shipping. Payment only accepted via paypal. I am based in Sydney Australia so if you live in Australia shipping won’t be too expensive.



Please contact me via email pengyss@outlook.com

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Gendercat dual text 4rlz

Nov. 12th, 2019 | 12:03 am
posted by: liquidcritter in ftmgaragesale

Gendercat 4RLZ 5 inch — DUAL TEXTURE — hard core, with 1/2" pleasure pocket and adhesive sheet installed

(never used, remake of one where i forgot to check off dual texture) -$270 (418 new)

Pics: https://imgur.com/a/1B4uJVW

Reach out to me: vullithe@gmail.com

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Looking for emisil erect

Nov. 7th, 2019 | 01:45 pm
posted by: lookingfremisil in ftmgaragesale

I am looking for an emisil erect prosthetic in good shape. Send me an email to: hogeschooldocent@hotmail.com

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Selling Emisil Gen 2 3-in-1 STP: Detailed info below

Nov. 4th, 2019 | 06:42 pm
posted by: rjrocks802 in ftmgaragesale

This is the 5.5" model. Only used for the STP function maybe 2 or 3 times. It is GREAT as an STP — best I've had so far — unfortunately, it just does not pack well for me. I have heard a lot of positive feedback about it for all 3 of its functions, but I just cannot get it to sit right in my pants. So back to using my FreeTom as an everyday and STP, even though the Emisil is way more leak-proof, realistic, and all that. 

(I also wanted to be able to use it with self-adhesive rather than having to hold everything together with a harness, since it isn't serving that purpose I am trying to get some of my money back).

I also have the rod, never used. 

Color is S09. I am Caucasian but the usual colors (S02, S04, etc) just seemed too light for me. They say to go darker with prosthetics and this seemed to a better match. Posting photos of the prosthetic next to my skin tone at many angles, for reference. Really, the S09 is like a "dark pink"(kinda like the "warm rosy" other companies sell), so if you have a similar skin tone to mine, it is probably better than S04 and the like. I would suggest just using your own junk as a reference, or at least your hands/other extremities, rather than your arm or whatever (sorry that is probably some inadvertent TMI. I just never see anyone Caucasian ordering the S09, which I find odd!!)

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L and XL gc2b binders

Nov. 4th, 2019 | 02:22 pm
posted by: adamdcac in ftmgaragesale

Selling 2 gc2b black half tank binders, one is XL and the other is L. Both will come washed!

The XL has never been worn, and the L was worn 4-5 times and has a small rip less than a cm on the “v neck” part.

Please comment or message me if you’re interested. I could really use the money 😬

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reelmagik stpetite & gendercat 4rlz

Nov. 4th, 2019 | 01:56 pm
posted by: liquidcritter in ftmgaragesale

Reelmagik StPetite 4" — SOLD

(Tried once, decided I liked the bigger version better.)

Pics: https://imgur.com/a/wUkkghX

Gendercat 4RLZ 5 inch — DUAL TEXTURE — hard core, with 1/2" pleasure pocket and adhesive sheet installed 

(never used, remake of one where i forgot to check off dual texture) -$300 (418 new)

Pics: https://imgur.com/a/1B4uJVW

Reach out to me: vullithe@gmail.com

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Peecock 5.5 in gen3s light beige

Nov. 4th, 2019 | 01:32 pm
posted by: wilderx in ftmgaragesale

Selling my 3 in 1 stp. No damage or signs of wear, just decided it's too big for my comfort when packing, especially considering I'm small and the type to wear skinny jeans. 

Will come with the hollow erection rod as well as the gen2 pleasure rod in original. Will ship in the original peecock black cinch bag as well.

Paid nearly $350 for all of it (purchased when generation was newer), hoping for $150, also willing to trade down if someone wants to trade up in size

link to view color/features: https://peecockproducts.com/peecock/gen3s/peecock-gen3s-5-5inch.html

email knighted68 at gmail.com for more info, pictures, etc.

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EZP STP for sale (barely used)

Nov. 3rd, 2019 | 10:22 pm
posted by: smukkj in ftmgaragesale

I'm selling my barely used Natural EZP STP colour C002 (light), because I had bottom surgery and no longer need it. It has no signs of wear.
Also included: the black pouch it came in.

Price:  $ 130  (shipping included)

Contact me on email "julian(dot)iversen@hotmail.com" if interested!

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Peecock Products for Sale Updated 11/1

Nov. 3rd, 2019 | 01:07 pm
posted by: mattr28 in ftmgaragesale

Peecock Products for Sale, massive discount UPDATED 11/1

Peecock Basic Parker NEW PRODUCT: 3”, beige (but it’s darker then most), super high quality, $65. Brand new (one with a small flaw for $55)

Originally paid: $110 with shipping

It’s too dark for my skin tone. It’s definitely a medium/dark color. I have TWO because my first one had a flaw (small tear) and didn’t realize the color would be so dark.

Can use adhesive sheets for it just like a gendermender!

gc2b rainbow half tank: brand new. originally paid $55, charging $30 flat.

Pierre Packer Brand New, lightest color: $30

I also have two packing pouches and some rodeoh (size small) all selling for $15

This stuff is all just gonna sit in my drawers so even email me with a counter price.

Email me at mattiercox@gmail.com or DM me for pictures. Ship to US only. Shipping included in prices. Real inquiries only.

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4-1 unused STP

Nov. 2nd, 2019 | 03:30 pm
posted by: kerrinismagic in ftmgaragesale

I just got a 4 in 1 stp from transend them and it is wayyyy to big for me. It’s literally never been used and original price was 300$ and I’m hoping to get 50% back so 150$. https://transcendthem.com/collections/frontpage/products/4-in-1-pauly-big-d-pre-order-only

It’s the Pauly D and I’ll give the insertion rod for free too. Reply or email me at kerrinismagic@yahoo.com

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