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email for more info and/or pics. Prices include shipping. All will be sanitized. email xmxgallman@gmail.com

Peecock gen 3 4.75 moderate brown The paint rubbed off on the tip but otherwise reliable, used only a handful of times $150

Peecock comfort harness L 36-38 used a handful of times $20

Peecock lips python pleasure rod 5.5 used once $20

Underworks large white full tank binder has a little paint spot at the bottom $15

Underworks small nude half tank binder just tried it on was too small $20

(2) Rodeoh packing boxers 33-35 used once $20 a pair

Powerflex eco speedo 30 you can use it under a swimsuit to hold your packer used once $15

ISO 4 inch Gendercat

Anyone have a 4 inch Gendercat prosthesis to sell? It's gotta be 4 inches and light in color. It does not need to have floating testicles. I would like one with foreskin but I'm willing to buy a circumcised one. I don't have a preference between the Gendermender line or the 4RLZ Slim, so either one is fine. Message me if you're interested in selling and I'll give you an email address to send pictures to.

Edit to add: It needs to be supersoft as well.


I’m looking to buy the gender cat 6” jawnski. Has to be either hard or super hard and have the movable foreskin. I don’t care much about the amaze balls but needs to have 3/4” or 1” sleeve built in. If you have one FS drop a comment or email me @Troyjudg7@gmail.com

Also have a Emisil 5.5” 3 in 1 STP packer for trade if you want to trade.

Emisil ER01 for sale

***EDIT: price reduced to $500***

I’m selling an emisil ER01 in color S02. The prosthetic is brand new, and has only been worn once. It has the hair upgrade, a pleasure pocket upgrade, and the silicone rod inside. The silicone rod is not bendable like the plastic rod is. I also have gendercat adhesive sheets that I bought to go with it and have about 2 and a half left. I think you could get 2 uses per sheet, so you probably have 5 or so uses left from the sheets I have.

There is nothing wrong with this prosthetic. It’s in perfect condition as it is brand new. I’m selling it because I’m kinda strapped for money right now and I don’t use it as much as I use some of my other prosthetics. Starting price is $575 because I paid over $700 for it. I will pay for shipping and I will ship it with USPS priority mail, so you can expect it in 2-3 days depending on how far you live from me.

Send me a text at (219)-718-0680 or an email at lzych@iu.edu. Willing to consider reasonable offers 😁

Seeking Post-Top-Surgery Recovery Supplies

Hello! New member here :D I'm having top surgery on Nov. 12th, #seeking any and all recovery supplies. Maybe from folks who have leftovers/are trying to get rid of stuff? Willing to buy/make offer/pickup within NYC. Especially looking for the following:

— Recovery compression vest/binder like this https://marena.com/products/mvs-compression-vest (size S or M) 

— Wedge pillow, or reading pillow, for sleeping upright

— Tear-away pants or shirts 

— Gauze, bandages, medical tape, silicone strips

— Scar Away gel or other scar care pRoDuCts

— Juven nutrition drink? (Not sure but ppl seem to recommend this)

— Whatever else

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Selling Transtape

Hello! I am selling this tape for people looking for a safer way to bind. Personally, my skin is really sensitive and it did not agree with it. I’ve heard for other people though it has worked very well and is a lot better than a binder. You can leave it on for multiple days and shower in it and everything. I also bought the oils to remove the Adhesive. I’m selling these for $70 but originally bought them for $90 If you are interested or have any questions please text me or call me at 810-417-8019

There’s 5 large rolls  and also oil‘s to help remove the tape
There’s 5 large rolls and also oil‘s to help remove the tape
The oil  and instructions to remove the tape
The oil and instructions to remove the tape
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GEN 2 SLEEK 5" 4 IN 1 in Caucasian from FreeTom

No longer need this stp, will link to the original posting! If you’d like photos (not sure how to add them on here), then email me at taylor.avery1967@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to send photos.

I have used this twice, but would rather pack with a jockstrap.


Selling for £125 originally bought for £200. I will post tracked, in a blank box, very discreet. Postage, as tracked will be £10. If I post to the US, it will be £20.

Wanted: Transthetics Hot Rod

Anyone looking to part with a Transthetics "Hot Rod" in medium (C004)?

If you want to trade for it instead of me paying for it, I have:

- Gendercat GenderMender soft packer, Amazeballs, uncircumcised, 4 inch, caucasian colouring. Photos below in the comments.

A trade has been made! If however you're interested in the prosthetic Fascination Sleeve, let me know.

- Gendercat Fascination Sleeve, the kind that looks like a prosthetic instead of just a lump of colored silicone, caucasian colouring, the hole is 1/2 to 3/4 inch (precise measurement / photos available upon request)