transthetics Joystick / Bono for sale

Harness free pack and play from transthetics to sell. It's the older version with the red vibe (the new one is black). 7" long (18cm) and 5.5" in girth (14cm), colour medium.

I'll send you pictures if you're interested. Condition is really, really good! (barely used) Vibe is of course working, charge cable included.

Paid 255€, looking for 170€

I'm seeling fom germany, so keep that in mind for shipping! 


Wondering if anyone is selling a harness similar to the peecock harness or the calexotics/packergear jock harness (im in the UK)
Also i am selling some clothing just for money for bills/food shopping. If you can help me out at all that would be amazing, sorry to ask :). My email is

Dead broke 😭🥺

Hey I know I’m not that good, but was wondering if anyone would be interested in buying a painting? These paintings included in this post aren’t necessarily for sale but I can paint something similar or whatever you want. It can be on any size canvas you’re willing to pay for honestly. If anyone is interested in a painting, or willing donate a couple dollars (so I can get some dog food and groceries for the week) that would be awesome! My cashapp is $elltthdz I also have venmo and PayPal… no one has to donate anything obviously… I do work a full time job, I just live alone and have 2 dogs… I just don’t make a lot :(

ISO ReelMagic P&P or STP / Freetom

I'm looking for:

1: ReelMagik

Type: Pack & Play 

Colour: M6

("*Would like it to have but not necessary:

Size: 18cm (7")

Enhanced Detail Colouration

Shaft Fill: Flaccid(Preferred) or Firm

Hair: H7 (Dark Brown) not trimmed*")

2: ReelMagik 

Type: STP

Size: 12.7cm (5") Circumcised

Colour: M6 (Might go for a different colour as well)

3: Freetom

Type: 4in1 or Pack & Play

Size: 16.5cm(6.5") — 20.3cm(8")

Colour: Light Brown — Warm Rosy

Email/Message Me what you got and your price.

PEECOCK 3-IN-1S FOR SALE: Gen4 Light Brown 5.5” & Gen4X Light Biege 4.75”

Hi all— I have two prosthetics for sale, as well as a harness. Both of these are VERY lightly used, only 1-2 hours total to try packing, and have been double sanitized. They’re in brand new condition.

Gen4x 3-in-1 in Light Beige 4.75”. Comes with “original” pleasure rod. I bought them together for $240, so I’d like to sell these together for $180.

Gen4 3-in-1 in Light Brown 5.5”. This is the upgraded model with moveable skin and floating testicles. Comes with standard erection rod. I bought them together for $260, so I’d like to sell these together for $200.

I have a Medium (32-34in) Play Harness for $20.

Please let me know what you’d like to buy by texting me at 516-551-4637 :)

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Emisil Gen 3 STP for sale

Selling an Emisil Gen 3 STP in S07. Good color for people with slightly tan, non-red undertone skin. Never used for STP or prolonged packing. Installed a self adhesive sheet when I got it and tried it on after only to realize it wasn’t right for me. Self adhesive sheet has been removed and prothetic will be sanitized prior to shipping. Paid $490 plus tax and shipping, looking to get $290 shipped (USA only, tracked priority mail) through PayPal goods and services.
Contact me at (throwaway for stealth reasons) or 7324408650 if interested




I have two prosthetics from ReelMagik for sale.

5” basic packer, light coloured, never been worn before. Bought it for 60$, selling it for about 40$, shipping included.

5” Cut STP from ReelMagik. Only been worn about two times. Has some very very light tears from the adhesive. Bought it for about 520$. Selling it for 300$! A little over 200 in saving! shipping included.

You can message me for any and all photos with the socials listed below!

Please message if you have any inquiries or questions reguarding the quality or conditions of the packers. Message on the following socials please and thank you!

Tele- (928)232-0448

Payment if interested will be made out to PayPal for both of our safety, and information will be kept discreet between the both of us.

Last thing- if you live outside the U.S, you will be paying that shipping fee.These items are honestly just chillin in a box and can be put to a better home! I’d love to help more of my buds out.

Both are more for tanner Caucasian skin tones. About m2-m4! :D