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Aug. 23rd, 2019 | 01:17 pm
posted by: xenite51_kris in ftmgaragesale

Looking for a STP from T-MENS-JUNKSHOP please let me know if you have one that you are wanting to sell. xenite51@yahoo.com or 913-957-0809 thanks!

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NYTC’s Sam the STP and STP strap

Aug. 22nd, 2019 | 05:32 pm
posted by: ZychLexi in ftmgaragesale

selling my STP from NYTC. there’s nothing wrong with it, i just upgraded to a different STP. the color is caramel and is in great condition! also selling the STP strap in a size medium. free shipping to US only.
STP- $60 (originally paid $75)
strap- $15 (originally paid $29)

any questions or inquiries can text at 219-718-0680 or email at lexizych4@gmail.com.

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UK: Gendercat 6 inch hard and a few packers/play items

Aug. 20th, 2019 | 02:27 pm
posted by: sunthrublinds in ftmgaragesale

If you want me to post elsewhere I can do that but you'll need to pay shipping. Everything will be sterilised if silicone or disinfected if cyberskin. Under 18s please DO NOT try to purchase any adult items.

1. £ 100 (free uk shipping) Gendercat 6 inch hard packer with normal balls and the 1 inch fascination sleeve. There was a self adhesive sheet on here but its more for play rather than packing, therefore I removed the sheet because you need to use a harness with it anyway. You could always get some sheets and apply them yourself tho if you wanted to adhere.

2.  X Small Mr Limpy vanilla colour — hardly been used, £5 including uk shipping.

3. 'Small' Mr Limpy in vanilla. Its not actually small at all for a flaccid packer, I think 5 inches and 1.5 girth so I'd only recommend if you like packing with something big. £5 including uk shipping.

4. Pierre from NY toy collective in caramel, larger size (not the really small one they do) and hardly been used, £30 including uk shipping.

5. 6 inch long, 1.6 inch diameter Adam dildo from Godemiche, pastel green so not realistic but works as a strap and can be combined with Rodeoh harnesses. £10 including uk shipping.

6. Lovense wireless Lush vibrator. Basically you can wear this when you're using a hard packer so that you're also feeling something, plus you can use your phone to control it remotely. Was originally about £100 new and discovered I'm too dysphoric to use it, so just want to get rid of it for cheap. £35 including uk shipping.

Email me at vladkobletski@gmail.com if you're interested, would prefer to do any payments through paypal because of buyers/sellers protection.

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Aug. 20th, 2019 | 08:44 am
posted by: Eaton W. Buie in ftmgaragesale

Lightest color peecock gen 4 6.5 with the pleasure rod

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SOLD [FOR SALE: PeeCock Gen4 3.75]

Aug. 20th, 2019 | 08:31 am
posted by: readeom in ftmgaragesale

I am selling a PeeCock Gen4 3.75" STP. I have a ton of friends who have had great luck with PeeCock products and I finally caved and got one for myself. As soon as I opened it though, I knew it wasn't for me. This cup shape just has never worked for my body.....The prosthetic has never been used, and is in new condition with everything that came in the original package. It has great detail, slightly moveable skin and testicles, and an erection rod (I did not buy a pleasure kit though). I payed $199 plus $21 shipping, for a total of $220. I'm asking $150 OBO, and will pay shipping to anywhere in the United States! Hoping to send this to a good home where someone will really love it. 

If you're interested or would like more pictures, email me at reade.ottomoudry@gmail.com

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Emisil gen 2 stp

Aug. 17th, 2019 | 08:31 am
posted by: savageasher92 in ftmgaragesale

Emisil Gen 2. 5.5 inchs stp. 4 n 1

Great product,only used a handful of times at home. Had under a month.

Saving up for a reelmagik stp.

Paid 380 plus 30 for the erection rod. Then paid shipping so seound 420.

Asking 340 and ill pay shipping to us only.

More pics at request.


Hit me uo with any questions!

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Emisil Gen3 STP - S05/S07

Aug. 16th, 2019 | 06:34 pm
posted by: liquidcritter in ftmgaragesale

(can't remember if it's 05 or 07, kinda looks inbetween both based on the site pics)

Hello, just received it today but it looks too dark to work for me! A shame cuz it's aesthetically a nice dick.

It has a gendercat adhesive sheet attached

looking for $350 shipped (unless you have a reelmagik pack n play for trade)

photo album: https://imgur.com/a/LDiFrtR

email: vullithe@gmail.com

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Aug. 15th, 2019 | 10:02 pm
posted by: notes911 in ftmgaragesale


It just arrived today and I was so excited to go home to test it out but I opened it and to my disappointment it's just a little too light/pale for my skin tone. I'M SO SAD. I care about realism and aesthetics a lot and the fact that it doesn't suit my skin tone makes me dysphoric and I don't want to use it. So I will sell this one and get a darker one.

IT'S UNUSED. Literally opened it a few minutes ago just to compare it to my skin. I'll ship it in its original box and packaging including the unopened silicone erection rod. My total paid is $493 USD ($445 EUR) after shipping. I am selling for $475 USD including shipping anywhere to US. Save yourself almost 20 bucks and skip the processing wait time.

I have pictures on my phone that I can send through email. Also, best to contact me through email anyway because I'm new to this site and made this account just to post this. I'm on reddit as well. heyky7@gmail.com




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Packer and Harness Sale!

Aug. 15th, 2019 | 08:28 pm
posted by: bluebox28219 in ftmgaragesale

I have a bunch of stuff lying around and I would like to save up for a gendercat. Offers welcome. All harnesses and packers will be washed and sanitized before shipment. Please email me at freshfries111@gmail.com for pictures or sales. I use paypal for payments, but I can use other forms of payment as well. I can ship anything out for 7 dollars flat rate to the lower 48 States. I can ship to other places, but unfortunately I cannot cover the cost.


Masho Packer - $10
Light skin tone

Small Archer Packer - $30
"Caramel" color

Large Archer Packer - $40
"Cashew" color

3" Reel Magik Soft Basic Packer - $30
2nd lightest color

4.5" Reel Magik Soft Basic Packer - $50
Lightest color

STP ninja Stp - $30
"Rosy" color. Has a tear at the tip which I patched with super glue. I would only recommend using as a packer in case of leaks.

Basic 6" Dildo - $10
Caucasian skin tone

Peecock Jock Harness -$20
Black size medium (32")

Peecock Boxer Harness - $30
Black size medium (32")

Peecock Miracle Jock Harness - $25
Black size medium (32")

DSlang Harness - $15
I don't remember the size but it fits a size 30 waist.

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Reelmagik Packer 3 inches (Soft) + Two Gendercat Fascination Sleeves + WeVibe Sync

Aug. 15th, 2019 | 01:38 pm
posted by: mroth8 in ftmgaragesale

1. Reelmagik Basic Packer 3 inches Soft model (Color: P1) uncircumcised model — only had it for a few months and kept it very cleaned and powdered. I will throw in the cleaning solution for free = $30 + shipping cost . This is one of my favorite packers for sure. I'm just upgrading to something else. In the pic, the packer is powdered. Slight tear when you lift up the shaft but does not affect function and is normal with these kinds of packers.

2. TWO NEW Gendercat fascination sleeves in black steel. I bought two before thinking I needed a spare. I don't find myself using anything for self pleasure. So this is my loss. I initially bought these because I know these are the best out there for pleasure. 3/4 size.

Buying both = Flat $40 (with free shipping in the U.S. only).
Or $18 each + shipping cost.

3. WeVibe Sync: Never used. Retails for close to $200. So this is a steal. Free shipping and 50% off. Asking $100 Flat.

If interested please leave your email in the comments and I'll reach out.

Payments via PayPal or Venmo. Tracking info will always be provided.

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