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[sticky post] SALE

Jan. 30th, 2016 | 10:46 pm
posted by: Andrew Kai in ftmgaragesale


Reposting, will make note if something is sold.

Need money for college So I'm selling pretty much all of my packers.

Packer Gear 5 inches, caramel- 16$ (including shipping)

Mr.Limpy 3.5 inches, caramel, stop ready- 15$ (including shipping)

Packer gear Boxer Briefs- only worn once over another pair of boxers to try them on.- 25 (including shipping)

Will ship international but the price will go up because shipping is more expensive.


Email- unholymisfits@gmail.com

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Reduced Price

Dec. 5th, 2016 | 06:47 pm
posted by: ashesanddustes in ftmgaragesale

I am willing to take $130 including shipping for my Freetom Rogue 4-1 with Paint Plus. It is a darker skin tone. Email me at a.reno1@yahoo.com if you're interested.

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Dec. 5th, 2016 | 10:58 am
posted by: tylerasaurusrex in ftmgaragesale


First, if you have a reelmagik stp and can let me know BEFORE my order goes to production next week then I'd be happy to purchase yours as long as it's practically brand new. It would have to be less than $400 for it to be worth me cancelling my order with reelmagik. Once my order goes to production next week (or possibly the week after) I can no longer cancel it.

Second, I will be selling the EC Prosthetics 3" 2in1 stp (if I ever receive it) because I ordered back in July with a 6-8 week wait time and it's now December and I still don't have it. They just keep telling me 2 more weeks (the last I heard that was a month ago). I can't support a company with values like that so I'll be selling that if I ever get it. I paid $85 and I'll sell brand new for $75 with shipping included.

contact me at braydentylercoley@gmail.com
I rarely check messages on here so I'm better reached through email.

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Painted Freetom

Dec. 4th, 2016 | 02:31 pm
posted by: ashesanddustes in ftmgaragesale

*Please Read Full Description*
--Alright, I decided to open this up to trading or selling. It is a Freetom Rogue 4-1 with paint plus. I think it is dark brown.
-- I want to trade for a Freetom Sleek, Rogue, or All Natural in a lighter color. It needs to be a 4-1 and painted.
-- OR, I will sell for $150. I also will not do holds. It will be paid through PayPal only.
-- The silicone is cut on it. It doesn't affect the functionality of the prosthetic itself.
-- Email me at a.reno1@yahoo.com if you're interested.

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selling my EZP stp! like new

Dec. 3rd, 2016 | 07:26 pm
posted by: Michelle Fishman in ftmgaragesale

hey folks, I'm selling my ezp stp from transthetics. I'm asking $175 or best offer. I've only used it a couple of times and prefer my other stp. I didn't pack with it either so it doesn't have any warping or discoloration. I'm having trouble uploading photos but please feel free to email me I have tons of pictures for you. thank you!

p.s I paid $210 for the product and they're currently unavailable, get yours before the Christmas rush!

email: yofishface@yahoo.com

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Uncut Sinthetics Packer

Dec. 2nd, 2016 | 01:28 pm
posted by: e_av in ftmgaragesale

Hey all, I bought a Sinthetics packer and while it is super realistic looking, I have stopped packing mostly and never got around to using it. It's $165 after shipping + a lengthy (3 month) wait time over at Sinthetics: I'm happy to do $120 (shipping included).

You can reach me at spearemint@gmail.com

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freetom all natural 6.5" 4 in 1

Dec. 1st, 2016 | 03:53 pm
posted by: njboy420 in ftmgaragesale

I have a Freetom 6.5" All Natural 4 in 1 in what I believe is the tan color. I bought it off this site and it was described as having the paint plus upgrade, but to my surprise it was just pretty badly painted by the previous owner. It is 100% functional but I do not have the rod. Because of all this I am asking $100 plus shipping. Please contact my email for pictures - lejangonzalez@gmail.com

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Freetom Rogue 4 in 1 for sale!!!

Nov. 30th, 2016 | 08:07 pm
posted by: emberrowan in ftmgaragesale

I'm selling my practically new, tan Freetom rogue 4 in 1 (pack, pee, play and pleasure).I just got it a few months ago but I'm need of the cash. taken out of packaging but never used so it's in great condition. It has the paint plus upgrade as well. Looking to sell for $180 ($110 less than original price) plus shipping and handling. I do not have the erectile rod.

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6.5 Caramel pack and play (painted)

Nov. 26th, 2016 | 09:21 pm
posted by: raymvndo in ftmgaragesale

I have an EJACULATING pack & play for sale. Its 6.5 inches long (erect) looks very real in person.

Packing:I personally recommend to pack it non erect beacause.. Well, it just looks like youre walking around with a huge boner all day haha. Its looks very good in jeans.

Playing: I've only used it once for play time. I used it with a condom of course and it has been well sanitize since then. My ex really enjoyed it. Its soft, but firm enough to penetrate. She says it feels like the real thing ;D

Ejaculation: I added this myself. Its actually pretty simple.. Whenever you feel like its time to bust a nut, just firmly massage the shaft and there you go :) (does not come with semen lube. You can buy that on amazon just for $7. Its called "Spunk")

I'm asking for $100 + shipping or your best offer.
EMAIL: raymarcel19@gmail.com

EMAIL: raymarcel19@gmail.com

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Nov. 26th, 2016 | 12:26 am
posted by: bl4k33 in ftmgaragesale

Looking to buy a traditional or classic freetom prosthetic. Needs to be mocha or dark brown or along that line. About 100$.

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